Friday, September 21, 2007

What is Vaazhai Ilai for me and you?

How/Where do I start if I have to say how much I am crazy about food? The best way would be to cite an example and then proceed further. A small dialogue sequence from Sindhu Bhairavi... (J.K.B. and Sindhu would be so immersed talking about carnatic/classical music and J.K.B. would ask Sindhu something like this...)

J.K.B: Apdina, Sangeetham-na unakku saapadu madhiri-nu sollu.
Sindhu: Illa, swasam madhiri.

For me, saapadu is... swasam madhiri.

Build ups apart - I will fill this space up about my encounters with various eatables, eateries & cookeries. I will try to enrich it with pictures as nicely as this, but no guarantees.

Stay tuned...

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Ganesh said...

thambi, nee udamba kuraikkaratha yenakku therila :)