Saturday, January 24, 2009

Masal Vadai

  1. Channa/Gram Dhal - 1 cup
  2. Red Onion - 1
  3. Garlic - 4/5
  4. Ginger - 1 tbsp
  5. Green Chilli - 1
  6. Crushed Red Pepper - 1/2 tsp
  7. Curry Leaves - 1 branch
  8. Asafoetida - One small pinch
  9. Salt - To Taste
  10. Oil - To deep fry
While frying...

After frying...

  1. Soak gram dal for about an hour. Finely (I mean, very finely) chop Onions, Green Chillis, Garlic, Ginger & Curry Leaves
  2. In a mixie/blender, coarsely grind the soaked dal with the crushed red pepper
  3. When its done, add the above finely chopped items to the ground mixture with salt and asafoetida
  4. Now, take a ping-pong sized ball of this mixture and place it on a ziploc sheet (or vaazhai ilai, literally speaking) and pat to flatten it (You can sing this song though!)
  5. Slowly, drop the patted vadai in boiling oil. Keep the stove in medium flame so that you'll let the vadai cook properly and turn golden brown as well.
  6. Serve with Coconut/Mint Chutney and put on a lot of weight!